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"Fonkfatherz Records" is an independant groove music label founded in 2015 by Wadz, dedicated to bring you Funk, Hip-Hop/Soul and G-Funk music, in their original sense. >>> More infos

Our ambition is to develop a sound inspired by our predecessors of the golden era, this without nostalgia but in order to propose a new alternative to all Black Music lovers tired by today's trend, taking as base the best of what this music has given, in our opinion.

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Sympli Whitney
Get Enuff / Fresh Love

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Wadz The Funkfather
The Remix LP New Edition Vol. 2

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7th June 2016

Avis aux amateurs de rap français réfléchi avec un gros background musical Fonk-Jazz : Rendez-vous lundi prochain 13 Juin pour la sortie de l'album de Reemk 80 : "Odyssée". Présentation Rap travaillé […]

30th May 2016

Today is the day of the official release of Sympli Whitney's Modern-Funk maxi «Get Enuff / Fresh Love». We tried to bring Modern-Funk at its finest with this 12" maxi vinyl, featuring shiny vocals of […]

25th December 2015

As you may know, Wadz decided to re-work and re-edit his former "Remix LPs" series, to create enhanced and re-mastered new versions of them. Volume 1 has been released before last summer, and volume 2 is […]

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