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"Fonkfatherz Records" is an independant groove music label founded in 2015 by Wadz and based in Paris, dedicated to bring you Funk, Hip-Hop/Soul and G-Funk music, in their original sense.>> More infos

For those who already know us or for the newcomers, this is the perfect place to stop, look, listen to our music...

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Winfree's incoming 12" vinyl : all infos

Winfree's inspirational and mesmerizing voice shouldn't be stranger to you if you took a listen in the past to our 2010 funk compilation "So Smooth". He delivered two tight boogie-funk tracks on this […]

"Everyday" by Tim Jones : Digital release

You were many to ask us about it and since today, Tim Jones' album "Everyday" is available in digital, through our favorite digital music provider, Bandcamp ! "Everyday" is the debut album of the […]

Wadz Remixes LP - New Editions

As you maybe have noticed, the "Remix LPs" produced by Wadz in 2007/2008 aren't available on our website, nor is their 2011's version ("Still On A Mission" and "The Next Episode"). After a deep […]

Latest News


8 Apr 2015 Tim Jones album "Everyday" G-Funk
Apr 2015 Wadz Remix LPs (Bonus Edition) G-Funk
Apr 2015 Winfree 12inch "Love U Down" Funk 80
May 2015 Winfree album Funk/R&B
Aug 2015 Wadz Funk/House EP House
Oct 2015 Daze album G-Funk


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Not at all, I'm stickin to CDs
Not at all, I'm movin to digital

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Love U Down / Work It Out

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Tim Jones

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Tim Jones
Let Me Get Around

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