Winfree's Funk/R&B album "Past, Present & Future" - CD release today
6th July 2015

Today is the day, Winfree's new album "Past, Present & Future" (first full-length project for him on Fonkfatherz Records) is here !

Just in time for the summer, this album is the first full-length collboration between Winfree and Wadz, that have previously worked together on the funk compilation "So Smooth" in 2010 (giving rise to the big boogie-funk track "Attack"). This new album is a subtle mix of fat electro Modern-Funk tracks ("Love Touch", "Rocket", "Work It Out", "360"...) and smooth and mellow R&B/Soul jams ("Beautiful", "Blink Of An Eye", "Past Present & Future", "Teardrop"...).

Bringing a new breath while respecting the codes of the genre, this project shows that this style can renew itself and should take a firm place in the future. But better than words, a full album preview :

Now available ! But where to get it ?

- On the album's official page, where you will also find all infos and be able to listen to the whole project.
- Or on our store, where you'll also find all our (still available) music goods !

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