Winfree – Past, Present & Future [ 2015 ]

Just in time for the summer, Winfree presents him first full-length project on Fonkfatherz Records, which is also his first album with Wadz fully on the production side.

Following his maxi 12" vinyl released in the end of May, this album brings together Winfree's main influences, with a subtle mix of fat electro Modern-Funk tracks ("Love Touch", "Rocket", "Work It Out", "360"...) and smooth and mellow R&B/Soul jams ("Beautiful", "Blink Of An Eye", "Past Present & Future", "Teardrop"...).

Bringing a new breath while respecting the codes of the genre, this project shows that this style can renew itself and should take a firm place in the future for all Funk and Hip-Hop lovers.

«Past Present & Future» by Winfree
CD Album

Original CD hard copy of the Funk/R&B album "Past Present & Future" by Winfree.


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«Past Present & Future» by Winfree
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