Tim Jones' album out next week : full preview and pre-order
31st March 2015

Announced long ago, Tim Jones debut album took some time to emerge but will be in your headphones next week !

Called "Everyday" and planned for April 8th, this album will offer 14 G-Funk/Soul tracks. Tim Jones will be surrounded by featuring such as Domino, Winfree, Big Prodeje, Imaa, Daze, Thug Mafia, NTG, Penny Well, Enois Scroggins, Stalin, Rida Bone, Loudy, Sursilvaz... and behind the groove you'll find Wadz, who produced the whole effort.

Full Album Preview

So let's get into it now with a full preview of the project, in this video introducing you all tracks of the album :


The album will drop in your homes April 8th, and pre-order is now available in our store !
All CDs will be shipped between the 4th and the 7th, pack included.

Share the word to all black music lovers, this album is about to be a big surprise in the current G-Funk and R&B scene !

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