Sursilvaz – In The House 2nite [ 2012 ]

Just one month after "Back To The R&G", Wadz & the Sursilvaz are back with a 3 songs EP in the finest tradition of Hip-Hop's VLS/CDM : Remixes, Instrumentals...

Besides Wadz, Sovan & High Beats are working on productions, and the presence of Tim Jones (on the G-Funk/Soul anthem "I'm Sorry Baby") and of the excellent Loudy are not unrelated with the atmosphere of this EP, where strong basses, sirens and talkbox are mixing themselves...

Sursilvaz EPs serie
3 CD Pack

Includes hard copies CD of "In The House 2nite", "Thatz Gangsta Funk" and "Playaz Club" by the Sursvilaz.


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«In The House 2nite» by Sursilvaz
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