1st chapter of Wadz' "remix LP" re-edition is available now for download
7th June 2015

Wadz is back with enhanced new versions of his remixes (previously released on former "Remix LPs" albums in 2007/2008, and re-released on "Still On A Mission" in 2011), and here is, just for the summertime, the first volume of these new versions (4 parts are planned).

What is a remix ? Behind this generic term is hiding the fact of keeping the vocal part of a song (also called "acapella") and to mix it with another production (the instrumental part) than the original one. In this case, I took well-known "acapellas" from the golden years of Hip-Hop to make them fit with my own compositions. — Wadz

Listen and get the complete album right here :

All the tracks were re-worked and remastered to achieve an incomparably better quality, re-released with new graphics and covers and available on Bandcamp on free download, which provides lossless format such as wav or flac... what else ?

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